weddings in Dubrovnik

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Dean & Angie – September 2009.

Stephanie & Jason
My wife and I had always held Dubrovnik close to our hearts after visiting in 2002 and returning a few times since. We had always talked about getting married there rather than our native UK and after a little bit of searching found Steve with ‘Weddings in Dubrovnik’ which made our dreams a reality.

The reason we wanted to get married in Croatia, apart from its unbelievable natural beauty, is to have a wedding in the sun and a reception on the beach which we got and much more. “Weddings in Dubrovnik” are a great company as they are run by both English and Croats which means you get what you want from a British wedding but also something different and something local.

The language barrier is not a problem and all the religious and legal paperwork is translated for you which make things far easier indeed. We went over to Dubrovnik to check out the church and the venues for the reception and also tried the wedding meal & wines, this also allowed us time to get to know Steve and Nikolina and found them to both to be very efficient and friendly.

As far as the wedding day is concerned the day ran very smoothly with the Wedding team in control but not obstructive. Jordan as a photographer was fantastic and we were really pleased with the outcome. The reception on the beach terrace was stunning but the real gem was the boat trip which Steve sorted for us. Our wedding guests still talk about that to this day!

We wouldn’t change anything about our perfect wedding and we thank ‘Weddings in Dubrovnik’ for making that possible.